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New SolventTank Farm
Programmable Logic Controller
New SolventTank Farm
Setting 30,000 gallon tank
Fresno Facility
HDPE Liner Installation
Geismer Facility
Project Feasibility Study
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VWR Projects

Van Waters & Rogers (VW&R) is the leading distributor of chemicals in North America with more than 100 sites throughout the country. Van Waters & Rogers Limited in Canada and Van Waters & Rogers Inc. in the United States are owned by Royal Pakhoed NV, a petrochemical shipping and services company based in the Netherlands.

Solvent Tank Farm

Just completed at one of VWR’s existing sites, is a new solvent tank farm that represents a major investment in protecting the environment with state of the art and science facilities. VWR replaced underground tanks and piping with ten new, double walled, multi-compartment tanks containing up to 30,000 gallons apiece and an elaborate piping and control system for product storage, blending and distribution.

In addition to the secondary containment afforded by the design of the new tanks, the tanks are further contained in a 10,000 SF concrete basin wrapped in an 80 mil thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner. The new truck loading facilities adjacent to the tank containment are similarly contained. The tanks, level indicators, pumps, valves, and blending equipment are interconnected through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that provides operating personnel with the capability to instantly determine product volumes, and to easily and safely route volatile products from tank cars or trucks to tanks, then tanks to trucks or to drum and tote fillers. The new facilities are protected by an AR-AFFF foam fire suppression system.

While working with the VWR’s Project Manager and designer to develop design scope alternatives, Downing managed the initial design scope development as well as the construction of the tank farm and transshipping facilities. Working jointly with Hensel Phelps Construction Company of Greeley, Colorado, the team included design/build electrical and piping contractors who were also able to respond quickly to changes in operating requirements which triggered revisions to systems while construction was underway. As a result of the active participation of well qualified and enthusiastic team members, construction was completed within its timeframe. And, construction costs under-ran the budget by more than 10%.

Downing – other assignments for VWR

  • Prepared a company-wide procurement and management system for soliciting, awarding and managing small construction projects at more than 100 sites in North America. This system provides facility managers with step-by-step forms, procedures and contract documents that allow them the flexibility to conduct small projects at individual sites while preserving corporate standards for safety, quality, and legal issues.
  • Solicited, screened, and recommended designers and contractors for remote area sites.
  • Prepared project feasibility information including cost, schedule and other assessments pertaining to operations.
  • Developed an initial prototype concept cost modeling and estimating system that could be used by facility managers to develop conceptual estimates for projects at their sites based on company standards and local conditions.
  • Screened and made selection recommendations for design/build electrical and piping contractors.
  • Assisted with contract development and negotiations for hazardous material remediation contract work.
  • Assisted with the procurement, planning and on-site supervision of secondary containment liner installation.
  • Prepared research and recommendations leading to the development of a national program for specifying and managing new roofing and roof repair and replacement.

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