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Boeing Aircraft Company

City of Fairbanks

Cochran Electric
District of Columbia


Hensel Phelps Construction Company

Humana, Inc.

Illinois Power Company

Lehigh Portland Cement Company  WB00826_.GIF (134 bytes)


Municipality of Anchorage

Northwest Airlines

Olympic Western Company

Procter & Gamble

Snow Aviation

State of Alaska

State of Illinois

State of Missouri

State of Wisconsin

Toyota  WB00826_.GIF (134 bytes)

Transpacific Development Company

U.S. Army - Corps of Engineers (Military)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Civilian)

University of Alaska

University of Washington - Cochran, Inc  WB00826_.GIF (134 bytes)

Valley Medical Center

Van Waters & Rogers Inc.  WB00826_.GIF (134 bytes)


Client Comments:

"Downing's leadership and understanding of our problems helped us manage our way through some tough times.  I'd recommend him to anyone"
- - -  Robert Adams, President, Olympic Western Company

" . . . solid leadership . . . surpassed Cochran's financial and performance expectations . . ."
- - - Robert Cochran, Chairman, Cochran Inc.

"Downing's Team Management Skills brought clarity and order . . "
- - - Jeffrey M. Kalban, Jeffrey M. Kalban & Associates

"It took considerable insight, knowledge and patience on your part to work through the complex issues and keep everyone's efforts on track"
- - - Thad Wardall, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

". . . the bottom line, we're looking forward to doing more work with Downing."
- - - Lemuel M. Bottoms, Facilities Project Manager, Toyota

"Taking advantage of Downing's leadership and his approach to team management was essential to the success of our complex emergency power project.  While controlling the project, we were able to improve design and field installation approaches and to react effectively to changes.  This allowed us to complete ahead of schedule while maintaining critical, un-interruptible service within the University's Medical Center."
- - - Dick Saum, Construction Coordinator, University of Washington


20630 NE 66th Place
Redmond, WA  98053
425-868-7185  FAX: 425-868-6955