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Established in 1991, Downing Corporation was founded in response to economic changes that challenged facility owners to seek more effective management strategies when dealing with their capital facility projects.

Providing an effective and economical Planning and Management alternative, we operate as Project Manager and Facility Development Team Manager.  When conditions warrant, we can act as prime contractor.

Our central focus is on helping our clients plan and construct their operating facilities and on improving their project delivery strategies.

We do this by assuming the leadership role on special projects, engaging in strategic program planning, solving complex problems, training staff, managing project teams, and planning and conducting project operations.

When "business as usual" is no longer feasible, we apply practical and proven methods to anticipate and counter the effects of changes to the project delivery strategy to fit the circumstances.  Essential "hands-on" experience gives us that capability.

Accordingly, our experience in Project and Program Management, combined with our background in General Construction, allows us to provide our clients with a practical perspective and a dynamic approach to planning, problem solving, and project operations.

While acting as an extension of our client's staff, we provide leadership, management, and technical skills - and we support the accountability requirements of the main business activity.

We direct day-to-day, on-site project operations because experienced site management and supervision is fundamental to success.

We stress the importance of strategic program planning, the value of early research and effective decisions, and the necessity of thorough operational planning and intensive management.

And, when it fits in with achieving our client's strategic business objectives, we promote the "Team Management Approach" for getting the work done - adding value, reducing risks and cost, and providing better results through improved project performance.

Team Management

We conduct operations based on the premise that a well led team of professionals, focusing on a single agenda, will produce a better project in every way - including cost and schedule.  Through an improved sense of service and cooperation, this well organized team performs much more effectively, and operational accountability is actually improved.

This Team Management Approach stresses the importance of joint, strategic project planning.  It strengthens the team and streamlines the process, making it possible to deliver well researched and informed decisions early enough in the project for maximum effectiveness.

Using this approach adds value to facility projects through:

  • Higher returns on investments - Time, Money, Personnel and other key resources.
  • Reduced operational, legal and financial risks.
  • Enhanced staff effectiveness.
  • Better balance in achieving key project objectives.

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Redmond, WA  98053
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