TOYOTA Characteristic of Toyota's projects is the value placed on "whole team" performance and accountability. TOYOTA
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Los Angeles Regional Facility
Irvine, California
Jeffry M. Kalban & AssociatesAIA Award Winner
Service Development Center
Torrance, California
Abrahamian Pagliasottii & Tanaka
Airflite – FBO Long Beach Long Beach Airport, California
Jeffry M. Kalban & Associates
Top US FBO in 1994
Executive Residence
Cape at Mauna Lani, Hawaii Media 5

Award Winning Facilities • Automotive Manufacturer • High-Tech Equipment • Off-Shore Owner

Airflite – FBO Long Beach

" Our new Airflite facility is a large investment, ... a long-term commitment to serve the needs of our customers. The Long Beach facility is our billboard." Jim Press, President Toyota Aviation in Professional Pilot Magazine - March 1993

"Top Ranking FBO in US for 1994" Aviation International News – May 1994

Los Angeles Regional Facility - Irvine, California

By the time we received our first assignment from Toyota, they were already well beyond the design concept stage, with a schedule and budget in jeopardy. Developing a new design concept was not an option. The project completion date was already set – solidly linked with the arrival of more than one hundred design engineers from Japan who would occupy another Toyota facility. That facility’s availability, along with several others, had a "domino" relationship that depended on this project being completed on time. There were no alternatives and not much room to maneuver.

With a 120 mile per hour, four wheel drive dynamometer, a state of the art data communications system - including a satellite up-link, and a need for "headquarters" quality, this "jewel" in the midst of an orange grove on the Irvine Ranch, represented an uncommon challenge that only top-notch people with an unique approach could handle.

This first project for Toyota was a great success. The project team saved the design concept and helped Toyota’s Facilities group deliver this milestone project like Toyota delivers parts to their assembly lines, "just in time." Because everyone on the team worked hard and focused on the same agenda, everybody won.

Downing – managed other work for Toyota

  • Managed the construction and was additionally tasked as the program manager for selected projects.
  • Teamwork determined project outcome. All projects finished under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • Selected, assembled, and managed the project teams that helped Toyota develop some of their more important capital projects.
  • Initiated the development of operating strategies that fit in with Toyota’s needs for future project development and construction.
  • Initiated independent studies to address specific capital project needs in preparation for new projects.
  • Solicited, screened, and recommended designers and contractors for selected projects in new locations.

"Downing's Team Management skills brought clarity and order to our Los Angeles Regional Facility project for Toyota. The schedule, at the outset, seemed impossible. But, the team completed the project on time and we received an American Institute of Architects' Award honoring the design." Jeffrey M. Kalban, Jeffrey M. Kalban & Associates

"... good work and excellent results produced through active leadership and management..." Lemuel M. Bottoms, Facilities Project Manager, Toyota

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